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Messenger Marketing: The future of direct marketing

Email has typically been the go-to for businesses looking to establish a direct line of communication with their customers. Email has been the practical choice since most people have an email address, it is relatively easy to send out emails and up until recently, they have been quite effective in delivering marketing messages to customers.

However, with more and more businesses competing for inbox retail space, email filtering services and customers zoning out to the large volume of promotional messages emails being received. The average open rate for promotional emails has plummeted down to just 20%. This has been a cause of concern for many businesses that are not able to fully utilize their audience list because 80% of audience members are not opening the emails that are being sent out.

A more effective and innovative method of communication has seen a recently seen a large uptake among smart businesses who are looking to establish a reliable and engaging form of communication with audiences and potential customers. Messenger marketing is also known as chatbot marketing is a modern and dynamic tool that is a well-kept secret for increased sales and conversion and improved customer retention as well as brand loyalty.

Messenger Marketing is a comprehensive direct marketing tool that allows businesses to send communications straight to their audience members Facebook Messenger inbox. Using this method of communication delivers an incredible 80% open rate and has an impressive range of features that allow businesses to showcase their brand or product, take bookings, sign-ups for webinars and even make sales through Facebook Messenger. It is used by businesses ranging from start-ups through to industrials and corporates.

Businesses build a messenger list (similar to an email list) by subscribing audience members. Anyone who uses Facebook Messenger can be added in a couple of clicks and since various growth tools are available, these subscribers can be added from any digital platform. Social media followers, website traffic, social media ad engagers and even existing email list audiences can be subscribed.

At the core of Messenger marketing is its impressive ability to interactively engage with audience members and collect any information that is requested. Information such as occupation, gender birthdays can be collected by the automation and then tagged so that targeted messages or offers can be sent to a specific segment of the audience list.

A key factor of Messenger Marketing is that the automation does all the work, from having a conversation through to collecting feedback, the automation allows business owners the ability to engage all their audience member interactively. The back end of the platform is easily accessible for business owners to change offers and send messages out to audience members. It is important to note that if a customer would like to speak to a real person, admins will be notified and can take over the conversation from where the automation left off.

Some of the key features of Messenger Marketing which have had the most impact for businesses include:

Social media Advertising

Messenger marketing delivers some of its most powerful results when used in conjunction with social media campaigns.

With the use of Social media advertising such as Facebook ad campaigns, businesses can now establish a direct line of communication with anyone that engages with their ad. Target customers that click on the ad are added to a Messenger list where future communications can be sent to the target customer directly through Facebook Messenger.

The automation can also collect any information that the business has requested to qualify or segment the potential customer, the automation can then go on to showcase the brand or product and prompt actions to encourage purchases or sign-ups.

Take bookings and Sign-ups

Through the interactive features of Messenger Marketing, businesses that require bookings or appointment taking services can now do this directly through Facebook Messenger.

This feature can be incredibly useful for Restaurants, Service-based businesses and webinar bookings because the automation has the ability limit bookings for specific dates and times, send confirmation emails and if spaces are not available, add interested customers to a retargeting flow and notify them when bookings become available.

Make Sales

One of the most important features for businesses using Messenger Marketing is its ability to increase sales and conversion rates.

Messenger Marketing is not only a communication channel that delivers an 80% open rate, it is also a powerful automation that can interactively showcase a brand or product, determine what stage of the buying processes a potential customer is at by validating user responses and then prompt a purchase or booking if the customer is ready.

If the customer is not ready to purchase or needs more information then they will be added to a warm re-targeting flow.

Provide customer support and resolve inquiries

Through the Messenger Marketing platform, businesses are able to provide live chat support for their web visitors directly through Facebook messenger.

Customer support inquiries can also be resolved with ease and convenience, helping businesses unlock a greater level of customer satisfaction.

Gauge interest in a new or upcoming product

Flows are automated conversation that can be started with new or existing audience members, they are helpful for businesses to determine demand or preference for an upcoming launch or collect feedback to better meet customer demands.


Potential customers that have visited your site but have for some reason left without completing a purchase can be sent a re-targeting flow in order to better understand the reason for the incomplete sale or for educating and incentivising the potential customer to help them make a purchase.

List messaging

Similar to an email list, anyone that has subscribed to a business's Messenger list will be readily accessible in the back end of the platform, audience members may have tags from any information the automation has collected and can be segmented when sending out new communications.

Messages that were previously sent through email such as sharing new products or promotions, sales and offers or just keep audience members up to date with what's going on in the business can all be sent through Facebook Messenger which delivers a much higher open and engagement rate.

There is a range of versatile growth tool that allows anyone with Facebook Messenger to subscribe to a Messenger list from any Digital Platform

Boasting such an impressive range of benefit it's not hard to see why smart businesses have taken to incorporating Messenger Marketing into their Marketing strategy, as technology continues evolves and newer trends arise, having the tools to establish and maintain a direct line of communication with customers remains a priority for many businesses that have turned to Messenger marketing for a comprehensive direct marketing tool.

If you're not sure how effectively implement Messenger Marketing into your business then that's something Elyptus Digital can help with. Elyptus Digital have dedicated Marketing and technical teams with expertise in providing business-changing results through Messenger Marketing. Offices are located in Melbourne, Australia. Auckland, New Zealand. New York, USA and also a digital presence for clients worldwide.


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