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Generate low cost leads and drive sales with content marketing

Creating a voice for your brand that advocates your business goals and messages is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your audience and enhance your digital presence. When discussing Content marketing another term that appears frequently is Content strategy, these terms are used in conjunction with each other however they have distinct differences.

Content Strategy is a process that involves idea generation, creation, selection and publication. Content strategy not only supports the businesses digital marketing goals but it also goes a step further by effectively managing all the content that a business has.

Content marketing focuses on building relationships with audience members through the creation, publication and promotion of engaging content that provides value or captivating content to audience members on a regular basis.

Outlining Content Goals:

The first step in creating your content marketing strategy should be goal setting, goal setting is important to ensure that you are creating the right content for the right people that will, in turn, help your business meet its objectives. Businesses have used Content marketing to deliver high-quality leads and customers, lower the cost of acquisition as well as maintaining and strengthening a brands position. Your goals may be different from these so ensure that you have a good understanding of where the brand is at and where it wants to be.

Map your customer journey:

Whether your goal is to get more sales, leads or strengthen customer relationships, it is important to plan what steps your target customer will take from seeing your content to making a purchase or whatever your goal may be. There can be many steps in this process but the 3 key ones are, Awareness, relationship building and decision.

Awareness relates to how your target customer will find out about your brand and content, this could be through a blog post, social media post or article. Most of the time a customer is not ready to purchase immediately so making sure your content good enough to ask the prospective customer to develop a line of communication is crucial.

Relationship building relates to sending the customer high-quality content that further strengthens your brand via the means of communication you have established with them, this could be messenger marketing, email or even retargeting ads.

The decision stage is when you feel that the prospect is ready to make a purchase. Provided your content has been convincing enough you may be able to simply ask the prospect to purchase otherwise you may need to incentivise the prospect by sending out an offer.

Creating your content:

When creating your content you'll need to have a good idea of your target customer. Social listening is one such tool that can be utilised in order to get an idea of the conversations about your brand on social media and getting to know the people involved in them. Using this information you'll be able to identify popular themes, trending topics and content gaps. At the fundamental level, you will want to ensure that you a creating helpful content that is delivered in an engaging way, providing value to the readers in a way that makes them want to share your content or buy from you.

Overall Content marketing incorporates the art of storytelling and should be a win-win for you and your customer, creating high-quality content is the surest way to ensure success in the long run. Almost every business can incorporate content marketing it into their marketing campaigns since it does not require a hefty budget, be sure to keep your goals and plan handy to ensure you stay on track.

If you're not sure how to plan or implement Content marketing into your business then that's something we can help with, Elyptus Digital offers full-service Digital Marketing including an expert Social media content & strategy team, we have offices in Melbourne, Australia. Auckland, New Zealand. New York, USA and service clients worldwide. We can also help you fine-tune your Content strategy.


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